Nenagh Municipal District


By administrator, 17 November, 2023

At the Tipperary County Council meeting of 27th October 2023, the elected members of Tipperary County Council considered the Draft Nenagh Local Area Plan 2024-2030 and the Chief Executive's Report prepared in respect of same in accordance with Section 20(3) of the Planning and Development Act 2000, as amended.

The elected members resolved to amend the Plan in accordance with the recommendations set out in the Chief Executives Report. The proposed amendments constitute material alterations to the Draft Nenagh Local Area Plan 2024-2030.

By administrator, 15 November, 2023

PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT ACT 2000, as amended,




Pursuant to the requirements of Part 8 of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001, as amended, Tipperary County Council hereby gives notice that it proposes to carry out the following development:

By administrator, 28 July, 2023

In accordance with Section 20 of the Planning & Development Act 2000 (as amended), Tipperary County Council has publishing the Draft Nenagh Local Area Plan 2024-2030, which includes a Draft Local Transport Plan.


The Draft Nenagh Local Area Plan 2024-2030 comprises:

By administrator, 10 July, 2023

Enterprise Hub in Nenagh Town Centre
Determining the Need for a New Enterprise Hub

Tipperary County Council invite you to be part of a survey to assess the benefit / demand of a high tech co-working enterprise space in Nenagh town centre.


Please take some time (max. 5 minutes) to let us know your views and requirements on the need to provide this facility in Nenagh town centre.  You can choose to exit this survey at any time.

Click here to take the survey

By administrator, 23 March, 2023

Tipperary County Council- Road Traffic Act 1994

Proposed Traffic Calming Measures on Pearse Street, Mitchel Street, Emmet Place, Kickham Street and Silver Street, Nenagh

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 38 of the Road Traffic Act, 1994, as amended by Section 46 of the Public Transport Regulation Act 2009, Tipperary County Council hereby gives notice of its intention to carry out traffic calming measures on Pearse Street (R497), Mitchel Street (R873), Emmet Place (L1241), Kickham Street (R445) and Silver Street (R497), Nenagh.

By administrator, 30 January, 2023

Notice of Intention to make Bye-Laws for the Regulation of the use of Amenity Areas within the Administrative Area of Nenagh MD

Tipperary County Council (Nenagh Municipal District) proposes to make byelaws under the powers conferred on it by the following legislation:

By administrator, 4 November, 2022

Tipperary County Council is preparing a new Local Area Plan for Nenagh, which will set out the land use strategy for the town to ensure the town can grow, support employment and homes and can do so sustainably and successfully.

The Council is inviting submissions from the public to identify priorities and help shape the future development of the town. This stage represents the ‘issues’ stage before a draft of the local area plan is published. An Issues Paper has been produced to help inform submissions and is available on this webpage.

The Issues Paper sets out:

By administrator, 30 May, 2022

Tipperary County Council is developing a Local Transport Plan (LTP) for Nenagh Town as recommended, in the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy for the Southern Region

As part of this project, we need to understand how residents, students, workers and visitors currently travel to and around Nenagh Town, to identify what would make travel easier for people to access Nenagh, including journeys made by foot, bike, public transport and by car.