Ballaghveny landfill Community Gain Fund- Application Form

  • Current Checklist
  • Page 1- Contact Information
  • Page 2- Applicant Information & Location of Project
  • Page 3- Project Details
  • Page 4- Project Budget
  • Page 5- Account Details
  • Page 6- Statutory Approvals/ Permissions
  • Page 7- Checklist, Declaration and Submission
  • Complete

Before you start, please have the following details and items ready for inclusion with your application:

  • Project Groups Constitution (signed and dated)
  • Registration with TCCs Public Participation Network (PPN)
  • VAT registration number (where applicable)
  • Quotations submitted for each element of project expenditure that you are seeking funding support for
  • Credit Union / Post Office / Bank statement header provided 
  • Relevant planning permission or exemption
  • Relevant consent from landowner to carry out the project
  • All other necessary consent(s) to carry out the project