Live Submissions- Stage 3-Draft Tipperary County Dev Plan-2022-2028

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PA-101 Katie McNelis Removal of property from protected structures listing, see attached picture. This building no longer has the name above the door, the building is no longer in use the way it once was and insurance for a building like this is non competitive when it has a thatched roof
PA-102 Liam Keating Please see attached
PA-103 Coolmore Stud Please see attachments
PA-104 Forward Planning Team Forward Planning Team Irish Water Submission
PA-105 David Galvin Please see attached
PA-106 David Roche I have a number of concerns with the latest draft. I've listed two point below for consideration:

The latest draft seems to reintroduce the rural housing policy which had been omitted in the first draft.
"The current requirement under Policy SS4 is that a person must have resided in a rural area in order to be eligible to build. Rural area are areas outside of designated settlements that have a population of over 1500."
The reintroduction of the rural housing policy is a backward step and continues to hinder family residential homes being built who live within the catchment area of 10km (Vol.1 Amendment 23. Section 5.5.2) from a proposed site.

The policy would allow someone who lives in a different rural area much further from a site to build (up to 10km) rather than someone from the urban area with social/historical connections who could live less than 0.5km away from a proposed site just outside the urban boundary. Alternatively a person within the urban boundaries does not have the same opportunity to build on land within the urban boundary.The policy is inherently unfair.

Furthermore the reintroduction of the policy contradicts the advice issued by the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government in 2017. The Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government stated Ireland has breached article 43 of the EU Treaty on the freedom movement of citizens first raised in 2007. The principle of the European Courts decision should not restrict freedom movement of people.

Under the current medical need section, Table 5.3. It states:
"A person with a demonstrable housing need on the basis of exceptional medical circumstances. Any planning application must be supported by documentation from a registered medical practitioner and disability organisation, proving that a person requires to live in a particular environment, and in a dwelling designed and built purposely to suit their medical needs."

The statement limits the medical need and does not take into account the full statement from the national guidance. There is a social care crisis in Ireland and the ability to build a custom house to allow a family member with a medical condition to move in with or be near to the the person applying for planning permission is not accounted for. Examples of such would be a:
(a) Building a home to be close to a relative needing support rather than finding a home in a different town or further away that would make it challenging to take care of said relative
(b) son or daughter building a house to accommodate a parent with a disability to move in.

The National Guidance Section 4.3 states:
"In particular, planning authorities should recognise that exceptional health circumstances – supported by relevant documentation from a registered medical practitioner and a disability organisation – may require a person to live in a particular environment or close to family support. In such cases, and in the absence of any strong environmental, access or traffic reasons for refusal, a planning authority should consider granting permission, subject (where appropriate) to conditions regarding occupancy"

There is a severe housing crisis in Ireland at the moment and this can be seen every day in media and published studies from Universities, housing companies and news papers. Tipperary County Council have an opportunity to do their part in helping the situation through the new plan but the two items above seem to be as restrictive as the previous plan. There is an opportunity to amend the policy to help boost the supply of new homes by facilitating self building. This would also help to impact the current bidding war for houses which in itself is a national problem. I hope the two points raised above will be considered and discussed with the advisory group. I appreciate the forum to voice my concerns and the work being carried out by Tipperary Council.


David Roche
PA-107 Anne Baily Please see attached
PA-108 Alan Quinlan “Support for proposed amendments for the growth of Limerick Junction Service Centre as Rail freight and distribution centre, and for the growth of Tipperary Racecourse. Request for consequential, non-material amendment to recognise that a growth in employment will result in an increase in the need for additional housing.”
PA-109 Gerard Shanahan Please see attached
PA-110 GCU Reform Communications & Emergency Planning Reform Central Policy & Communications Division Good afternoon,

Please find attached for your attention submission on behalf of Department of Transport in relation to Proposed Amendments to the Draft Tipperary County Development Plan 2022 - 2028

Kind regards

Jacqui Traynor
Reform, Central Policy & Communications Division