Live Submissions- Stage 2-Draft Tipperary County Dev Plan-2022-2028

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DCDP-100 Katie Murphy My residential property and gardens are noted as "Social and Public" on the Ballyclerihan Settlement Plan. The property is beside the church and dates from the 1800's, I have included a copy of the land registry map that outlines the property boundaries and I have circled my house on the Settlement Plan map too. Can this please be revised. Thank you.
DCDP-102 Cllr Andy Moloney That those from the rural areas of Tipperary be allowed build in their communities where they were born and bred or lived for a period of 10 consecutive years. Where ribbon development exists that they should be accommodated in gap sites or back sites and if there are more than one sibling with restricted road frontage they would be allowed to be considered for cluster type developments. This would reduce the road frontage need and keep rural Ireland clubs, halls, shops and pubs alive.

That any current existing small business in the rural countryside should be protected where it is beside it’s residential property as working from home and rearing a family in tandem in recent years has become more important then ever.

That any person with their own site be allowed be allowed a period of grace for a temporary accommodation in cases of family breakdown or waiting on planning provided substantial evidence is provided to the planning authority. There are many temporary dwellings subject to enforcement at the moment that are genuine cases which would qualify for housing but are providing for themselves on their own sites.

That the old N8 should be considered for one off housing again now that the M8 has reduced this road to an emergency route only.

That all interchanges on the Motorways and Towns be provided with commuter parking bays that are fully serviced with cctv and security barriers. This would reduce the carbon footprint and provide safer roads with less traffic.
DCDP-103 Martina Ryan Dear Sir or Madam

I wish to make a submission to the new draft country development plan.

I am requesting that sightlines on cul de sacs be reduced to 50 metres. My understanding is that it is currently 70 metres, which is also the same as small roads.
Most cul de sac have very few houses on them and are very narrow. Cars have to travel slowly and 50 metres sightlines is more than adequate. The current 70 metres is unreasonable and unnecessary.
Martina Ryan
DCDP-104 Sean O' Neill Hi

Please find attached a submission concerning land at Ballycommon, Nenagh, to be considered for inclusion in your Draft County Development Plan 2022.

Can you please acknowledge this submission in due course.

Many thanks,

Sean O’Neill
(Redacted Personal Information)
DCDP-105 Martin Moore Firstly, it's a really impressive plan, well done to all involved!

Table 5.3 states that a "Social" need for a one off house can be demonstrated by:
......."A person who has resided within 5km of the site where they intend to build, for a substantial period of their lives (10 years)."

This is contradicted under Section 5-11, page 71 which gives 2 options for a "Social Need" based on distance from the proposed site, the 5km rule for Primary Amenity Area's and a 10km rule for Areas Under Urban Influence. Should Table 5.3 be amended to reflect these 2 options?

Suggested amendment for Social need on Table 5.3:
"(a) A person who has resided:
(i) Within 5km of the site where they intend to build for a substantial period of their lives (10 Years) within a ‘Primary Amenity Area’,
(ii) Within 10km of the site where they intend to build for a substantial period of their lives (10 Years) within an ‘Area of Urban Influence’,


(b) A person with a demonstratable housing need on the basis of exceptional medical circumstances. Any planning application must be supported by documentation from a registered medical practitioner and disability organisation, proving that a person requires to live in a particular environment, and in a dwelling designed and built purposely to suit their medical needs."

DCDP-107 Margaret O'Donnell Please proceed with deletion of the following structures from the RPS as per letters received from Tipperary Co.Co. on 29/07/21:
1. New Ref: TRPS1594 O'Donnell's, Middlequarter, Newcastle. (Old Reference: S496).
2. New Ref: S495 Tig Meilte, Middlequarter, Newcastle. (Old Reference: TRPS1593).

Should you require any further details, please call me on (redacted personal information)

DCDP-108 Joe Walsh Please see attached
DCDP-109 Simon Howe Brian Clancy, AO
Planning Authority.

Re: Proposed Tipperary County Development Plan 2022-2028


Please find attached is a copy of a report I prepared regarding the rollout of high-speed broadband through the National Broadband Plan (NBP) which will be a key enabler of remote working in rural County Tipperary, with added benefits through reduced commuting time, lower transport emissions, a better work-life balance and improved quality of life. The NBP rollout will also have a transformative effect for rural business, farms, schools and communities as more and more elements of our interactions are delivered through digital technologies. Improved access to digital connectivity will also support social cohesion and equality.

Its appreciated, if you would forward of a copy of this report to Forward Planning for their considerations.

Many thanks, Simon

Simon Howe,
Broadband Officer,
Tipperary County Council

(Redacted - Personal Information)
DCDP-110 Daragh Donovan To whom it may concern,
I'd like to highlight the untapped tourism opportunity associated with the increased level of motorhomes and campervan ownership. There is a potential untapped revenue associated with overnight stays. Fees associated with the parking can be generated and the local economy would also see a boost right throughout the year.

I myself have been an owner of a motorhome for a number of years and can see first-hand how other countries have put in parking bays in towns to help domestic tourism especially with Covid. For example Dungarvan, Cobh, Portumna and Bantry are some that spring to mind. I believe Tipperary is missing out on this opportunity for very little investment. Towns like Cashel, Cahir, Clonmel blueway and north Tipperary along lough Derg would be great locations and help already struggling businesses.

Also some of the cost of putting in this infrastructure could be offset against funds from the governments 'Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure' Scheme'

Kind regards
Hope my submission finds you well
DCDP-111 Alan Fahey Please proceed with deletion of the following structures from the RPS as per letters received 04/08/2021